Hi and thank you for visiting my website!!!!  Here's a little bit about myself.  After being a musician most of my life, I got my start in the world of portrait, urban and fashion photography late in the game.  However, when the opportunity presented itself to study with some of the best photographers and educators that exist in the world today, I jumped at the opportunity. 


     My philosophy is simple:  Feel the camera, look through the view finder and whatever makes an artistic image, then that's your art!  Photography is an artistic expression and should not be a technical challenge to anyone.  The art alone should inspire a photographer to "Snap" their camera and express anything they want to express; regardless of the subject matter.  If you think of photography as an art form, then everything else will fall into place.     

     So I invite you into my photographic journey; grab a drink, sit back and enjoy the show as you look at my portfolio.  Additionally there will be a "Photo of The Week"!!! So please spread the word and I hope you come back to see what's new.  

Take care and thank you once again for stopping by, oh and don't forget to leave feed back under the "Contact Me" link! :)

-Joey Lozano 

Portrait - Fashion and Urban Photograher